Women’s Javascript Study Group, sponsored by Zoosk

There are lots and lots of women who code; but in any given room at any company, there are usually only a few of us…. So it’s nice to get together sometimes! Zoosk is sponsoring a Women’s Javascript Study Group run by two of us on the Zoosk UI Dev team (me & Kristin). It will give us all a chance to improve our JS skills (we specialize in HTML & CSS), and allow us to encourage women who are just getting started.

Our general format is that we’ll all eat dinner together (thanks, Zoosk!), and then one woman will give a casual 15-minute presentation on some front-end tip or trick, could be Javascript, HTML, or CSS. Afterwards, we’ll spend a couple hours on JS tutorials. We’re currently using Code Academy, but might try other sites, too. When one person gets stuck, we can pitch in to help, or if someone has a side project they need any front-end help with, we can do that too.

I’m proud to work at a company that not only values employee training, but also community outreach and support of women in technology.  So… if you or anyone you know is a woman who’d like to learn Javascript or improve her skills, come join us tonight or any other Wednesday evening!

2 thoughts on “Women’s Javascript Study Group, sponsored by Zoosk

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